Growth is

a deliberate act.

Golden Ventures is a leading seed-stage venture capital fund, based in Toronto and investing across North America. We back bold teams and their transformative ideas.

How We Operate

  • We have a deep sense of empathy towards founders and their craft
  • We are tenacious but act with humility
  • We are responsive and believe in intellectually honest communication
  • We are curious but disciplined in our approach
  • We are sector agnostic and seed stage focused

What We’re Looking For

  • Potentially category-defining companies
  • Founders that exhibit grit and resiliency
  • Leaders that are attracted to the hardest problems
  • Teams that believe growth is a deliberate act
  • A symbiotic partnership between our fund and the companies we back

What We Offer

Trust is the most powerful currency. At the seed stage, this is paramount. Our support is grounded in the following values.

People + Network

When great people come together, they can build incredible things. This is why we invest in people first. We expose founders to our carefully curated, but always expanding our network of high caliber talent, customers, experts and VCs. If we don’t know the answer, we probably know someone else who will.


Building an enduring company can be a grueling journey. It’s easy to dream, it’s bold to act, and it’s hardest to actualize. We’ve seen every stage of a business, and we know what it takes to operate at scale. We’ve started, scaled, sold, failed, and come out the other end. Outside of our entrepreneurial careers, we have worked with hundreds of innovators across North America in the early stages of their business. We’re experts in the seed stage category and understand what it takes to attract the next layer of capital, working closely with founders to define and track the milestones to achieve this.


We take our role as partners seriously. Partnership intrinsically refers to the long-term, the proverbial highs and lows, and the resiliency of a relationship that shares every achievement and set-back. By being concentrated in our portfolio construction, we can be value-add partners for your company. Portfolio companies have the attention of our entire team, and this will reflect in every aspect of our platform.