Growth is

a deliberate act.

What We Believe

We’re here to support you in building the future. It is our job to take big risks on the world’s most talented, driven and resilient founding teams who want to change the world.

We believe technology is not an industry. It transcends conventional categories and touches every facet of life, improving the world as we know it. People will find new ways to make things simpler, faster, cheaper, and smarter.

It is for this reason that we invest across sectors, trusting a founder’s ability to teach us what is on the horizon and deliberately leverage our mentorship and diverse network to their advantage.

It is also why we focus exclusively on our superpower, the seed stage. While companies at seed stage might seem messy and imperfect to most, that’s our comfort zone. It’s where we can help you identify what matters — setting milestones and the necessary focus that will help you achieve product-market fit.

Progress is made outside the comfort zone.

What We Look For

We are on a never-ending pursuit for the most daring, driven and creative founders we can find.

We’re looking for teams who are building category-defining companies. You know that what’s weird today can change the world tomorrow, and it takes guts to be at the forefront.

Designing the future comes with massive uncertainty. We invest in teams that prepare for the journey; to lead, adapt, and while maintaining humility. We believe that the best leaders never shy away from the hard stuff. In fact, they engage it head-on.

We back teams that embrace a personal evolution and are lifelong learners. As a founder, you demonstrate an unwavering appetite to build, and you believe that together, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

What We Offer

Trust is the most powerful currency. At the seed stage, this is paramount. Our support is grounded in the following values.

People + Network

When great people come together, they can build incredible things. This is why we invest in people first. We expose founders to our carefully curated, but always expanding our network of high caliber talent, customers, experts and VCs. If we don’t know the answer, we probably know someone else who will.


Building an enduring company can be a grueling journey. It easy to dream, it’s bold to act, and it’s hardest to actualize. We’ve seen every stage of a business, and we know what it takes to operate at scale. We’ve started, scaled, sold, failed, and come out the other end. Outside of our entrepreneurial careers, we have worked with hundreds of innovators across North America in the early stages of their business. We’re experts in the seed stage category and understand what it takes to attract the next layer of capital, working closely with founders to define and track the milestones to achieve this.


We take our role as partners seriously. Partnership intrinsically refers to the long-term, the proverbial highs and lows, and the resiliency of a relationship that shares every achievement and set-back. By being concentrated in our portfolio construction, we can be value-add partners for your company. Portfolio companies have the attention of our entire team, and this will reflect in every aspect of our platform.