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Tonia Coletti
Talent Consultant

Tonia Coletti is a true talent leader with over a decade of experience in the technology sector. She has worked closely with a number of high potential startups and scale-ups in the Toronto ecosystem, developing unique talent acquisition plans and providing hands-on recruitment support. She is committed to sharing knowledge, influencing growth, and has built an extensive network of top talent across Product, Engineering, HR/Talent, and more.

Tonia partners with Golden Ventures to support portfolio companies in building scalable hiring systems and develop inclusive hiring practices. She works with founders and/or talent leads in the following areas, often building custom plans for their talent acquisition and retention strategy:

1. Identity and Employer Branding
2. Candidate Experience
3. Onboarding and Orientation
4. Interview Training
5. Actively Recruiting (Product, Engineering, Design, People/Talent)